A power flush or system flush as it is sometimes known, is a cleaning process for central heating systems. During a power flush clean water and special cleaning chemicals are pumped around the central heating system with our Norstrom Proflush machine to remove and collect sludge and other build up's of debris from the radiators and pipe work, which accumulate over time and can degrade the central heating performance and efficiency.

The power flush results in a cleaner system with less blockages and corrosion, increasing the system efficiency and reducing the likelihood of system breakdown's which can result in costly repair bills.

A power / system flush can be performed on any heating system. We strongly recommend that a system / power flush is conducted as part of any boiler replacement work. In fact some boiler guarantees can be dependant on a system / power flush being conducted as part of the install.

We will tackle each radiator individually to get that radiator performing as it was the day it was fitted.

  • not only that your boiler will perform at its most efficient with a clean heating system reducing any future maintenance and breakdowns with your boiler
  • A thorough powerflush will save you money
  • Powerflushes start from £399+vat for 8 radiators (£19+vat for every radiator thereafter)
  • Add a magnetic filter to your heating system as we do the powerflush for £89inc vat


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